Windmill Blade Repair

Repairs by Certified Technicians

Since its creation, Ouros has carried out repair work on wind turbine blades. Whether it’s a crack in your blade, erosion of the LE or a defect in the TE, our certified and trained technicians will repair your blade the right way and with expertise, using the right techniques and the right materials. Our technicians are trained by and have a training certificate from Blade Repair BZEE.

A common problem (especially with older turbines) is rust forming on the towers, usually at the welds. The Ouros teams have the knowledge and experience to remove this rust and repair the paint coat in accordance with industry specifications. For this, we only use paint products from recognized manufacturers.

Bladherstelling met service platform


Thanks to our large fleet of cherry pickers, we can correct errors on your blades up to a height of 100m. The advantage of using cherry pickers is the fast set-up time after arrival on site. The use of a cherry picker is especially beneficial for small repairs at a greater height. The disadvantage is that the weather conditions can have a very large (negative) influence on the repairs, resulting in a waiting time.

wind turbine blades repair with cherry picker
Repair with service platform

Repairs with Service platform

Don’t let the weather affect your repair schedule. Rain, cold, snow or high humidity will no longer affect the planned repair, only wind can have an impact. In addition, working with our platform offers the advantage that your teams have a large stable work area and the blade is very easily accessible all around, especially with major repairs this will have a positive influence for the teams. Thanks to our closable platform, it is also perfectly possible to work in cold and dark times in autumn and winter. With the help of heaters, the repair can always be carried out at the right temperature and the right humidity. The top can also be protected using the rain cover, so that the repair doesn’t have to be interrupted by rain. With LED lighting, work can continue late into the evening or into the night to get your turbine back into production as quickly as possible. Our platform makes it possible to work on turbines up to a hub height of 150m.