Windmill Blade Inspection

Inspect Windmills & Blades

All inspections are performed by trained and certified blade engineers who have experience with different types of turbines. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of your wind turbine blades.


Inspection blade
Drone inspection
External inspection

External inspection

All inspections are carried out by trained and certified blade engineers. The advantage of inspections with cherry pickers is that the engineer is close to the blade and can determine the size and impact of the blade damage both visually and manually (tapping). Thanks to our large fleet of cherry pickers, we can carry out inspections on wind turbines up to a Hub height of 100m.

Internal inspection blade

Internal inspection

We have also formed a team within Ouros to carry out internal blade inspections. This not only gives you the ability to map the condition of your wind turbine blades outdoors, but also to determine/sketch the condition inside your wind turbine blades.

Team Experts

Since the very beginning of Ouros existence, our trained teams have carried out blade inspections with cherry pickers on different types of turbines.

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